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OMG. I am so very very sad over evolution! I absolutely adored the first movie becaues it was subtle. There was a tension that carried the movie through its ending. And while I have to admit there were a couple of points where they could have done better, I felt that the storr really worked well. The second movie just totally feels like it has nothing to do with teh first movie!
Did I mention it made me sad? I had such high expectations, like what would Marcus do? Would he be on one side or the other? What does this mean for the war? None of these issues were addresssed! Plus I think Selene hopped into bed with Michael a little too quickly for my character tastes. How do you go from not even kissing the guy after a traumatic event to sleeping with him after being a little burnt. There were like fifty thousand different story lines that they just sorta made up on the spot. And did anyone else laugh when they kissed at the end? Or when Michael just kept breaking paint buckets with his fingernails? Had he not heard of a paint brush or even a rag? AHHH!
Okay, Breathe. I'm done, I swear. I just had to get that off of my chest. Sorry for the prolonged rant. My name is Specks and I am a rantaholic.
PS: I really loved the soundtrack though. And I must admit the sex scene was beautifully shot. Very tasteful.
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I like having Underworld icons. I'm a fan of the first movie. Haven't seen the second, but I've read the book. It's okay. Anyway...

Why why why when someone posts 'Underworld icons!' must they be ALL SELENE icons? And they're like...all the same facial expression: Pissed.

Although, Selene rarely changes facial expressions, so I'll give the icon makers that, but still, there are other characters in the movies! Michael, Erika, Lucian, Viktor, Adam, Kraven, Sonja, Soren, Raze, Taylor, Pierce, Kahn and probably a couple more that I'm just not thinking of.

Please tell me that I'm not alone here.

Saw the movie last night...

Xposted this to my journal...thought i'd share it here too...

Ok don't click if you don't want to be spoiled...

Collapse )

for those that don't want spoilers i'll give you the long and short...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that is all...

Also the theater was packed which surprised there wasn't a seat free except for the front two rows...didn't know Underworld was so popular especially at 10pm
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Just amazing

I am torn about seeing the upcoming movie. I am dying to see more about the past, about seeing all three elders at the same time - which obviously means it takes place before they started the hybernation cycles.

But I am dreading the Selene factor and from what I've managed to gather, the ending of the movie and the dreaded rumor of the third movie.

It is a shame really that Wiseman paid so little attention to the past, to the history espeically the whole Lucian/Viktor rival. To all but forgetting about the Lucian/Sonja story which was pretty much the focal point of the first movie.

Although I must say, I am extremely excited about seeing what becomes of Marcus, for I admit it! I simply go crazy for winged characters!

And last but not least, Alexander Corvinus.

"Warlord from the 5th Century"


Please, nothing against the actor, but again poor story line. If the Alexander presented upon the screen is/was a warlord... oy.

Tis all I wanted to say.

Article (with spoilers) link (plus bashing)

I was browsing over the Underworld: Evolution board at, due to boredom, and found a link to this article:

Warning: It has quite a good bit of spoilery info (some quite blah and blegh in my opinion), so if you don't like, don't read. However, I thought one part should be mentioned:

"Our story takes place immediately after the events of Underworld and Selene’s totally on her own this time, except for Michael," says Beckinsale. "She destroyed her master, she’s lost her coven, she’s completely in exile this time, a vampire exile. I think Selene’s a much more interesting character in this film because there’s more challenges for her this time. It helps that Len and I have been with the Underworld franchise right from the beginning. We both have the same vision for my character. We envision the same film."

Why does that last sentence make me want to puke even more than the trailer did? Seriously. Combine the trailer's massive amount of Selene, the pictures put out almost always being Selene, and now this? I think Kate would be smarter than to say something like that - it just sounds quite, wrong. You're married, of course you envision the same film, and it's all about you from the looks of things.
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Welcome to the community.

Well, here's the first, obligatory welcoming post. XD I hope everyone here enjoys having this community, feel free to start the posting. Discussions are great, just remember to keep it friendly. :-)

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