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The Underworld: Evolution Concerns
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This comminuty is a place for those of us who are concerned, wary, disappointed, or frustrated with how things are looking for the upcoming movie, Underworld: Evolution, sequel to the 2003 movie, Underworld. Let me get one thing clear: This community is not just for bashing the movie. We should acknowledge the movie isn't out yet, and it might not be as bad as we think it looks. While I'm not going to tell anyone they cannot bash it, because I know some people may want to, this is not solely for that. I would like everyone to keep the outright bashing to a minimum, please. :)


#1 - Bashing is allowed. Please keep it PG-13 unless it's under a cut with a warning. However, please don't do several posts that are only bashing.
#2 - Respect the other members. Do NOT antagonize another member. If their concerns are different from yours, if they don't mind something you do, or hate something you don't, do not flame them for it. We all have different opinions, and this community is for our different and varying concerns and dislikes with the movie. If I get complaints about attacks against members, and they are valid, the offending member will be banned.
#3 - This is a community about rants concerning the movie Underworld: Evolution however, you may rant about the book, Blood Enemy, if it's in the same post and under an lj-cut. Do not, however, post solely about Blood Enemy.

Right now, that's all the rules. Just remember these, and all should go well. Feel free to rant and vent. :)